We attach great importance to the quality and reliability of the services we offer. This motto has allowed us to build the trust of many customers. Over the years, we have become something more than a company that deal with the processing of mink skins. Check out our services and place a bet on quality.


The carefully performed skinning process is the key to success. We pay special attention to each skinning to maintain the best skin parameters.


We offer high quality scrapping, reliability and high processing power. Safety and quality are the key issues for us throughout the whole process. The skins are tapped in the heated dust, resulting in a better quality of leather.


Stretching is one of the last processes in the leatherwork, which defines its class and value. We treat the skins with due diligence, so that we can extract what is the most valuable from them.


Our drying spots provide up to 18.000 skins a day. Dryers are fully professional and guarantee the achievement of the excellent product quality by matching the appropriate drying parameters.


The moisturizing process provides the skins with appropriate values. In our company, the leather is kept for about 6 days in a room at the temperature of 10 °C and air humidity of 70%.


We carry out the service of storing, packing and shipping the orders to customers to any selected auction houses.